Ordering knives from US to EU...such a pain!

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Hi folks! First of all i recently got a job at a gastro pub in Belgium and the chefs requested me to have atleast one chefs knive,paring and bread knife.My knive skills are medium sharpening skills 0 with stones, only used to hone my old Wusthof,and we mostly have plastic cutting boards.

The problem starts here.I`ve found some really good tools at CKTG http://www.chefknivestogo.com/takamura1.htmlhttp://www.chefknivestogo.com/macsu4insapa.html but unfortunately they don`t ship to Belgium.After lurking for a few days on this forum I decided those two knives are a must for me but cant find any dealers in Europe.Another retailer from US for the Takamura is chubokinves but are they safe?Did anyone bought from them?

As for the paring and bread knive any sugetions are welcome :)


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I would suggest you buy Victorinox knifes.  I have a chef, bread, paring, and boning that I have been using for thirty four years.  I have several newer ones. Victorinox also had a diamond sharpener that is good.  These are made in Europe so the should be easy to find.  If you become proficient with your knife skills you can spend the big bucks later.  Many young chefs think the knife makes the chef, that is not true. Good luck in your new endeavor.
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I have ordered from Chubo Knives with no issue.
I have a Takamura Hana 210 which I have no problems sharpening and I've only been sharpening for 2 years.
Although it did take me about 6 months to get consistently okish at producing decent edges.
It's not hard, just a matter of getting enough practice.
As to the suitability of which knife for your situation, I'll leave that to others far better qualified.
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Any good advice for some Naniwa sharpening stones? I bought the Konosuke GS 240mm

Do I have to buy 3 stones from the start?

Are these good tips for sharpening? from jki 
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