opps in the kitchen at home

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so im at work a few weeks ago, and i keep getting calls from my wife and i keep ignoring them because she knows i dont answer calls at work, so after a while i pick it up and she left a pot on the stove at home that the water boiled out and dried up and, then it melted the aluminum in-between the copper and stainless layer.( this was a emeril pot which is made by ALLCLAD)

so yes i work in a kitchen for a living and my wife cant boil water

any one else have this problem luckily im working breakfasts now so i can make dinner at home
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My husband can cook as long as it comes out of a box, bag or is tacos or hamburger helper..

Good thing one of us can cook or we'd be living on takeout...
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My wife used to be the same way. Now, I've taught her how to fry chicken, the proper Southern way, and braise just about anything. Still working on baking though.
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My spouses' cooking skills sort of fossilized at the time we met- I feel its mostly my fault. I think I killed her cooking skills with love- why should she spend so much time and energy in the kitchen when I could go in there and just make something in quarter of the time?
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I do have an oops of my own.. it was years ago when we were first married.

Our apartment was on the top floor of a triplex/walk up in TO. We were having company over for dinner and I thought I would make chicken cacciatore, and I pulled out a baking dish and set it on the burner thinking it was ok to do it with this dish because my corningware dishes could handle the stovetop, I heated it up, added a little oil and started sauteeing the chicken and veggies. Not too long into the cooking process the dish explodes (apparently I just learned that not all baking dishes can go on the stovetop) and I had some flames and lots of smoke on my hands. I got rid of the flames using baking soda, and then I opened the door to our apartment as well as the window beside the door so I could air the place out. The stairwell filled with smoke and the people in the basement called the fire department. I didn't know they'd done that so I cleaned up my mess, and went about making spaghetti and meatballs for our friends. Talk about embarassing! I got a lecture about safe cooking practices and then they checked out the place to make sure everything was ok, and then they went on their way.

Last time I had the FD called on me it was by some drunk stoners who were in a rental house around the corner. Our backyard is very small, and at the time the kids had a wading pool in it, so it I wanted to use my charcoal bbq I had to use it in the alley. (we have a shared access private alley in the back) Thing is, the alleyway is right in view of the front porch of the house. So I set up my bbq, lit the coals and when they saw the flames, they called 911. The firemen were really good about it (no lectures this time..) and just made sure I was doing things safely and I was. I do suspect the drunk freaks across the street did get a talking to though...
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