Opportunity to go" Bananas" in Nevis...West indies

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    we are a fabulous Restaurant....#1 St kits & Nevis.. We have managed very well for many years with no "fancy" Chef...just hard working local ladies who cook up seriously tasty food...

    However we are ready to take it up a notch now...

    we are looking for someone who has experience with the Caribbean culture & Cuisine...this is essential...Caribbean kitchen ladies are traditionally pretty intimidating to the uninitiated !!

    We have a full team on board but they need leadership, this has always come from me , the owner, however I am spreading myself too thin.  I have an excellent from tot house Manager and also a shopper...

    I need someone who is creative and has a lot of experience with fresh fish...snapper , wahoo. Mahi maui, tuns. & lobster.....our basic menu would not change a lot ...but I really want some different specials...

    Sushi /Sashimi ?

    You must be very hardworking as i am meticulous with the back of house cleaning...I only buy organic chicken and beef, we get great fish and lobster locally and greens also...knowledge , or at least an interest in caribbean ingredients would be an asset.

    Now to Salary.....


    accommodation (close by)

    5  to 6 days a week...  lunch  (sometimes) & dinner...


    10 us per hour plus 1 us per cover ...(we do between 60 and 75 on average in high season)

    I know this is not great ..but its good for here and its tax free....  I could pay more...however i would not include the accommodation..I will also pay for your work permit....

    Check out our website   bananasnevis.com  and also on trip advisor .