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For memorial day weekend I know I`m gonna be batsh*t busy so I decided to make an easy dinner special, but I would love some input on a few of the components. Its going to be Tuna sashimi (saku block, not by choice)  with a wide noodle salad ( Chinese crazy noodle, hoisin sauce, soy spouts, grilled baby bokchoy chiffonade sesame seeds)(if i cant get wide noodle, I will  use Soba Noodles S&P) with half grilled baby bok choy? The question is will the wide noodle cup and stand after forming? Is there enough sugar in hoisin sauce to hold the salad up under the heat lamps for the 45 seconds while the waitrons figure out which door is the "IN" door? Any feed back will be appreciated. ( p.s. this spell check is garbage)
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