OOPS!?! Toffee recipe boo boo?!?

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    Don't know why, cuz not a huge candy person, but have been on a candy jag recently.  Had a few different fudge recipes... in search of that buttery stuff like on the boardwalk in the summer.  Found a keeper recipe for that.

    Musta seen/read something that mentioned toffee... so started searching for recipes.  Should sensed something was off with recipe I chose... only had 3 ingredients... sugar, butter and a little salt.  Decided to make half a batch... glad I did.  Called for 2 cups of butter, 2 cups sugar and something like 1/2 t salt... left salt out cuz didn't have unsalted butter.  BUT... failed to take into consideration that cups and lbs don't always equate... 1 cup of butter is NOT 2 sticks, as I learned.

    Had doubts about how one of my thermometers was working... one of those round ones that can clip onto sode of pan, or poke into meat.  Discovered it stalls short of 200 in BOILING water... ditched that.  Have another one... long one with glass tube and red "liquid" that let me continues with recipe.

    As LAVA was getting higher, almost looked broken?  Getting nice and amber but swimming in melted butter??  At that point, started going a little "mad scientist".  Added some milk (which bubbled like mad) and continued to right temp/consistency.  Poured out onto baking sheet with parchment and think it's going to work... sorta.  Hoping it'll crack up nicely at least.  Then had a Dr. Jeykll (or is it Mister Hyde) thought... however it comes out, I'll use it like the bagged bits I sometimes can't find... unless around holidays.

    If/when I try it again... and probably will... have a different recipe from Joy of Baking... found by googling.  In addition to butter (right amount) and sugar, there's some water, light corn syrup and vanilla.  The recipe calls for 1 1/2 c butter... and in parentheses says 3 sticks... that's 8 ounces... my DUH momment was thinking that's 1 cup... not!