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I've found a cooking by experts forum!
I'm a passionate experimenter in cooking. I've been experimenting with making a non sugar sweetener, I've come up with a few cookie recipes using alternative sugar. Hard to believe how much in ingredients I threw away before I finally got it. lol
I experiment with cooking with sea buckthorn oil, vco [virgin coconut oil] and butter buds for an alternative to butter. Self employed. 
Everything in my front and back yard is either edible and/or medicinal. Herbalist by trade.
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Welcome! I'm intrigued. 

I've been cooking at home with mostly coconut oil and butter. I love coconut oil. It's the best. I feel so much healthier after switching over from olive oils and veg oils. It really is great stuff. I also make a wax product out of it and nothing else will substitute over virgin coconut oil because of the properties. 

I had to look up the Butter Buds. Why this ingredient? I just think of jail food when I see their graphics and think about powdered butter and maltodextrin. Can you make good stuff with this product? Call me skeptic. 

What do you use the buckthorn oil for?


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I use butter buds, mostly on steamed vegetables. The taste is quite good. It's just butter solids really, and some anti-caking. It's a simple way to cut some saturated trans fat and still maintain flavor. I cook with butter often enough too. 
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