Ooey Gooey Pecan Pie

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Hey all,

So the other day I decided to bake a pecan pie. Crust was awesome, the filling tasted great, but was less than texturally correct. The top was an appealing brown, however it was a crust with the goo lurking beneath. Any ideas why this would have happened? I consulted two recipes, one from Saveur magazine and one from Joy of Cooking and they were pretty much the same.
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If, by "gooey" you mean the filling never set up the way you'd like it too and remained too liquid, try an extra egg yolk to your recipe. As you start to control it, bear in mind that a little ooze is not a bad thing.

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Hm. Thanks for the tip BDL. The problem is not that its too liquid. Quite the opposite actually. All the gooey goodness is beneath a layer that is a little firmer than I think it should be. It says in one of the recipes that when nudged the edges should be fairly well set while the centre remains somewhat jiggly like gelatin, however, if I cook it to this point when it comes out of the oven and cools it ends up firming up too much. In both recipes it says to use light corn syrup but all I can find it golden. That wouldn't make or break the consistency of the filling would it?

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I don't know how the syrup would affect the filling. I have never used golden corn syrup. It sounds like the top is harder than you want. If the filling is stiffer than you want too, then I would say just take it out sooner than you are now. If the top is getting hard before the filling sets up, then you might want to cover the top with foil during part of the baking time. I usually do that toward the end to keep the crust from getting too brown. I use the Betty Crocker recipe. Absolutely fool proof. Don't have it here or I would give it to you.
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ChefBoyarG, I think the corn syrup may be your issue but I'm just extrapolating this from recomendations regarding icing for sugar cookies.  The stiffer, more 'crisp' you want your icing, the higher ratio (or heavier grade) of corn syrup you use.

This is just a straight guess, but I suspect if you find and use a lighter corn syrup, or a substitute  (1 cup honey, or 1 cup granulated sugar + increase liquid in recipe by 1/4 cup) it may make the difference you desire.
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