Online Recipe Writing Course?

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I'm curious to know---how many people would be interested in taking an online recipe writing course? There are so many recipes published (both in editorials and online) that are confusing and cumbersome to me, a professional, that they must also be mystifying to the general public.
The areas covered would be subjects like:

How to write a recipe for the professional chef or restaurant worker.
How to write and develop a recipe for the home cook.
How to transition a recipe from restaurant scale and language to a consumer-oriented style.
How chefs can submit recipes to editorials for publication.
Differing accepted recipe structures.

Would real-time recipe chat be the best format? or would a bulletin board style be more accessible?

Tell me what you think. I'm still chewing on and formulating this idea.
Your input would be very helpful.
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FnF I don't know what the best format would be, but considering I almost got a job as an assistant food editor with a cooking magazine (don't think that really means anything) I would be interested in furthering any knowledge I could get towards that end.
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I am DEFINATELY interested. My first big project of 2002 is going to be RECIPE WRITING and a thread like this could'nt happen at a better time.
You guys figure out the format. I'm gonna go look for and dust off my measuring spoons.
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I would dive head first into something like that,
It's got to be 25 years since I have had formal training in recipe writing and development.
Although I write tons of menus and corosponding recipes for work, I am sure that I could streamlining,
Much thanks
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I as well would be quite interested. Its a good opportunity to learn how to crete, and share ideas.
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This is great! I had no idea there would be such a positive response. Would it fit into Chef Talk as a new forum or a sideline link?
Here are my preliminary ideas for a format: Each week we would take on a new subject with a development and writing assignment. This way it would leave participants plenty of time to visit and respond to the subject assignment. A lot of learning in this area comes from watching what others do.
Weeks #1 & 2-Know Your Market-Who will be reading and using this recipe?
This subject would cover the differing recipe structures with and assignment to write a recipe in a format of your choice. I also imagine lots of discussion as to the needs of different users of recipes (consumers, advertisers, chefs, pro-kitchen prep cooks, commodities boards, etc.)
Week #3-The Development Process
This would discuss measurements, ingredients, processes and process language, development tracking and testing. Assignments would cover differing types of recipe parameters such as, 5-ingredient, 30 minute, budget dinners, and the like.
I could go on and on but maybe this might be a start.
Nicko and Cape Chef-maybe PMl me with ideas on whether this could be done through Cheftalk?
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Just as a suggestion, when writing a recipe it may look better to begin each sentence with a descriptive verb: mix, shake, batter, punch, pour, apply... You get the gist of it.


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Great idea F&F!

It would be perfect if it was something I could follow at my own pace.

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