One "perk" of being corporate..

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My kitchen is going to be scary come September when the students go back to school.. not counting the KM and myself I have three people who are available Monday-Friday.  I know the students are miffed that I am giving those three people shift priority but it's in the best interest of the kitchen to keep those three happy.... I cannot afford to lose a single one of them.  I have to cut 50 hours a week from kitchen labour and one of the things that runs our labour cost up is training.  We had a meeting with our field consultant a couple of weeks ago and she told us that if we needed support for training she has trainers she can send to our location so we only need to bring in the person being trained and head office will send us someone to work with that person so we don't have to schedule in anyone extra.  I have a dishwasher who has kitchen experience so next week.. he is in the kitchen with a head office trainer and my labour is not going to go up by one cent!  Had I know that option was available to us I would have used it long ago... and I will be using it at any time I can just to offset costs.
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