one of those days...

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What a day I where you think, I should not be in a kitchen today.
Burned the barley
burned the tea towel...
clogged the client's garbage disposal, disassembled plumbing but ended up calling a plumber anyway
cut two fingers at a culinary professional meeting slicing 1/2 loaf of bread....that's 2 separate times I mauled my fingys
if the day had been any longer who knows what I would have done to myself or a kitchen or food....

I commisserated with a restaurant friend who is in charge of a bistro while the owner is in France.....he had bursting pipes in the basement kitchen, fixed um then came in the next morning to 4" of water and COLDNESS....another pipe had blown in the night.
The coat check girl gave a cashmire coat to the wrong person and the restaurant ended up paying $700 for that mistake.....some days you just don't want to get out of bed....
Any of you have a really "get me out of here before something else goes wrong day?"
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So it wasn't just me! I went to work knowing I had a lot to do and 3 big deliveries to receive, but I had planned out my time beforehand. Then I got to work and found that the line supervisor had decided to soak the broiler grates in the acid bath overnight, adding one more thing for me to take care of. As if that weren't enough, the grates had fallen out of the basket that they were submerged in, so I had to spend 20 minutes fishing them out with a coat hanger (smashing my thumbnail in the process), then clean and re-season them and cook lunch on a sticky grill. The deliveries all came in one right after another, so I had no time to put one away before the next came. My prep guys, Jaime and Sergio, helped out a bunch and we made it through, but Sergio summed it up nicely, "Working in restaurants is a crazy life".

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