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hi there.

just dropping by to say hello. i posted a message the other day but didnt come here first. silly me. i dont know what else to say but here we go!

i am chef de partie for a hotel here in town, calgary, alberta in canada. 160 rooms with full restaurant and room service with lounge. i am in charge of the dinner service and evetyhing i say rules!

anyway, i dont know hat else to mention at the moment. but does anyone go on IRC? it would be fun to exchange ideas live. just a thought like that.

hope i will be helpful on the forums. ill do my best!

have a good day.
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Welcome, Petack. Calgary... a great town in beautiful country.

We're glad you found us (and this place to introduce yourself to us :) ) and we'll look forward to your contributions to this site.

What's your menu like? Are there any local ingredients you feature or like to work with?
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oh yeah. i did write something here. i kinda forgot about this one. to answer about what kind of food we do. well. i think it is classified under candian food but it's pretty much north-american with classical french techniques. the hotel has 160 rooms with full dining room, lounge and room service. at night the dinign room menu is about 40 items total plus weekly specials and the lounge menu is about the same size. DRM is like wild mushroom and escargot phyllo with redwine demi-glace for appetizer, paoched salmon in porcini tea with saffran potato and sauteed julienne of peppers, pork tenderloin with apricot-green peppercorn glaze, bouillabaise, halibut in a mustard-peppercorn crust with sambuca-lime butter, lemon chicken, what else can i say here....housemade tarimasu for desert, creme brulee, chocolate mousse....everything is made in house by me and the team of 2 others.

we do anywhere from 30 to 75 main courses on a regular night and up to 125 on a busy night. we are a line of 2 persons. we also take care of the lounge and room service menu. so in total we do about 200 covers a night. it's fun!

so yeah, anyone else in the same position as i am? i also write the weekly menu almost everyweek. this week are having a sword fish with prescutto salad, crab cakes with preserved lemon remoulade, lamb chops with pommegranite demi-glace, chiken picatta and baked meringue for dessert.

anyway, i dont know what else to say, i am glad to be here, and go Bob!

peace out.


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Welcome Petack, hope you will feel welcome here. If you have any questions please ask one of the moderators.

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