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This week I am on vacation and am taking all of my meals out. I do not care for those Continental breakfast buffets that the hotels offer so I am eating in restaurants. It is curious and funny how simple small diners go to great lengths to insure my satisfaction while in high priced hotel restaurants the guest seems to be forgotten.

Yesterday I dined at an Indian restaurant and I want to share my experience with you. The place had an all you can eat buffet for $9.95 but I asked my snarly waiter if they also had a menu. He said they did but asked why would I choose that over the buffet.

Firstly it is none of his business how I choose to dine and secondly I would hope that he would offer the menu as a choice as it would provide more revenue for the restaurant.

I believe I was punished for ordering off the menu as it took almost 1/2 hour for my simple lamb curry with rice and naan to arrive. I also had ordered it medium spice but the bill read that I had ordered it "very hot" (which, to me, it wasn't) I also ordered garlic naan but the waiter told me my entree already came with naan, and asked if I still wanted to order the other....I told him no, but he brought it out anyway and charged my bill for it.

The food was really very good and I enjoyed the lunch....but the waiter was rude, and condescending.  I did tip him 20% though.


Dinner last night was at a national chain that specializes in steaks and seafood. My wait person was delightful, knowledgeable, and above all professional. I left my card and it turns out she has relatives up in my area so we chatted on this and that. She even bought my cappuccino. It was wonderful.

I look forward to Chicago on the weekend. I have been looking through magazines and the internet for exciting places to dine while in town......

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