On this eve, what does your oven hold?

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All through the house, the smell of Rosemary-crusted turkey nestled upon root vegetables does waft. The sweet potatoes tossed with chunks of apples with butter and quince doth roast away. A cherry pie topped with oatmeal and apricot crumble waits it's turn to gather under the fire.

What are you making tonight?


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I'm doing another crown rack of pork this year. I've not settled on seasoning for sure. Rosemary, lemon and garlic are a distinct possibility.

Risotto, salad, dithering over a soup, have a couple of possibilities in the fridge for vegies.

I still have a lot up in the air about it all. I've a few hours to pin it down yet.

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Tonight it's only 3 of us here, so there was no need to get a Turkey. While I'd have liked a capon I couldn't find one around here. I bought a very nice large chicken. I'm stuffing it with chestnut, ground pork, chicken liver, shallots, raisins in port wine, a bit of sour cream and some parsley, and roasting it. It will be served with chestnuts "au jus" and sauteed wild mushrooms with garlic and parsley.
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Love the menus....but this year my sister is "Allowing Me" the privilege of dining at her table. Since they only eat seafood and fish I am dying to see what she is planning. Two times I have had to put the phone down and tap my hand ......whatever she serves will be a delight I am sure.

Today at work fish was asked . cream of mushroom C ( C- means with) a light truffle oil, tri color pepper/ miniature choux C mousse de foie gras

salmon C pickled beetroot, horseradish , infused with leek and cauliflower cream, served with quinoa and cranberry pilaf spoon sized.

dessert, lime cake with chocolate mousse C a coconut custard swoosh , garnished with candied orange slice dipped in chocolate.

Lamb, meat , poultry .....today , fish.
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Roasted ham with apple-brandy-sage reduction.  Roasted garlic mashers.  Orange-cranberry (might toss some juniper in there) candied carrots.  Caramel creme brule with mulled peaches.  And, of course, the families obligatory fruit salad.  Sadly, I did not have the time to make some fresh bread this year. 
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Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to be one of those "all hands on board" affairs involving virtually the whole family.  I'm pumping out 3 pies (a lemon meringue, an apple pie, and an apple crumble) plus home made stuffing and I already did my Christmas cookies.  I think mom making cottage rolls, I think my uncles are doing the turkey.


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Love the menus....but this year my sister is "Allowing Me" the privilege of dining at her table.
Hah!  What nerve.

This year we are having Veal roast, asparagus, crab.  Basically veal oscar.  :)
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