On the desire for a CDC

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    Writers note: what you are going to read will shock your socks off. Just kidding (unless you spilled the 22qt of demi, and are reading this in a poorly wired walkin designed by the owners brother, we will can him Herb, make sure to pronounce that H.

    A beautiful idea is more special than the act of it, or so it goes (thanks vonne). A skillfully constructed retreat for peasants to exchange pleasantries in our undeserving head space. A magnificent zephyr built on years of dedication spreading throughout the community and the desire to talk about it is almost as delicious as the vibes they are selling. Its good times, happy people and hardworking folk steering the ship, until that day comes.

    Before you go into your safe room to grab your bug out kit, it's ok to be comfortable while you read this. Afterall, if you bugged out you would be throwing away your business, your life, and all of your ideas about life and morals would be turned upside down. Today I would like to discuss with you the pinnacle of success for your restaurant and if you really need a CDC.
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