? on simple sirup yield

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Is it normal to get more volume of simple sirup than the initial water contribution? I just made a rich simple sirup for the first time (3 cups sugar dry weight to 1.5 cups water liquid weight.) I got about 3 cups of sirup from the process. It’s viscous and very sweet so I don’t think I screwed up and accidentally started with too much water. I can see how sugar might volumize the water but I thought making simple sirup was a reducing process. Thanks.
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I never considered the change of volume, but always thought simple syrup was 1:1. I would expect a greater volume than just the water volume since the sugar has volume too. I think what you made was either medium or heavy syrup... but is have to look up the definitions to be sure.
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You made double syrup, not simple syrup. Simple syrup is indeed 1:1 ratio, usually by weight.

And yes, you will increase volume when you make it. Making SS isn't a reducing process you just heat it up to dissolve the sugar.
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When canning fruits in syrup...there are categories of viscosity. Light, medium, and heavy. Each has its own ratio.
Reduction is not necessary.
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