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Hey guys, no questions, just some comments, iv been in the busuness, for about mmmm, 3 yrs, started out of collage , i really wanted yo get into refrigeration, , i was will to start as a commercial kitchen man, hot side , we called it, became good at and got paid more then the guys that had been thier for 10 yrs, so the boss kept me ther on a promminse that i will get broke in the coldside, in due time i waited for more then 3 years, nothing happend really never like the hotside, but it was a living hobart came calling with a better offer, 3 dollers more an hour, ii took it, but my hart was still in the cold side, latter, maytag came calling more money, i was getting tired of the [email protected]$%#%^ evryday, fryers, grills, kettles, steamers, proffers,...., later, sears, came calling with yet a better, offer, and closer to my goul, a/c and applaiances. so i took it, 3 years of that, than i saw this add in the newspaper, like to travel the world get paid well, stay in nice hotels....., so i took it, i really travel the world 9 times in 2 yrars, fixing, a/c for ground sopport warranty jobs, did it for 2 years, now i found this job in refigeration, and i love it , the mgr asked what i knew what to do i said u name it , thay tested me , and gave me 90 days, and i passed my probation period, whats the moral to the story, never give up , by the way i also earned myB,A in business, p.s. always listen and learn and ask questions.

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