Omelette/egg casserole

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I was making an egg casserole this morning using eggs half and half, American cheese, kielbasa, onion, tomatoes in a large sauté pan. Cooking it partially on the stove and then finish in oven. To my surprise the eggs were cooking on the stovetop but releasing a huge amount of liquid; it was almost like scrambled egg stew! I don't know what went wrong. Any ideas? 6 jumbo eggs, one cup half&half .
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It wasn't the eggs. It was the tomatoes. It sounds like you used fresh tomatoes. When they began to heat up, they released a lot of liquid, thereby liquifying eggs before the eggs had a chance to set. 
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It's pretty easy to squeeze out the juice and seeds before adding the tomatoes. I make something similar often and have been calling it a frittata. Is there a difference?

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