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Hello...  I am new to the forum world and am interested in cooking with peanut flour.  Anyone have any good recipes to share? 
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Hello - lilke you I really like food!

I'm afraid I have no personal knowledge of cooking with peanut flour, but I'm sure someone out of our amazing membership WILL!  If you repost your question in the baking forum, I hope someone will give you some pointers!

We're very friendly here on ChefTalk - our membership is drawn from around the globe (I'm Scots) - and all levels of culinary ability from those just starting to cook to masterchefs.  Feel free to join in on threads you find interesting or even start your own.  The only proviso is that the professional fora are 'read-only' for those of us who are not in a culinary profession!  There are also some amazing photographs and great articles about food here on the site.

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