Old Tabasco bottle unearthed.

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Maybe your right,but i'm not polite:p

A couple I have had are

Liquid stupid
Colon Blow :eek:
Satan's blood:(
DOA cyanide:cool:
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I like Tapatio, cheap with good flavor, My all time fave tho has got to be Hoboken Eddies Mean Green, Roasted Jalapeno with lime juice and spices.
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I like Scorned Woman. It is a Habenero based sauce w/ alot of flavor. Needless to say though, a little goes a long way.


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There are way too many hot sauce names that I love (most should not be written about on a family oriented website:D ). But I must name one of my favorites-"Smack my *** and Call me Sally" hot sauce. For regular use though, I am a firm believer in Crystal hot sauce .
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Brain Damage: a wickedly hot sauce that is similar to Orange Rush (mandarin orange base) but is much (much) hotter.

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Is Crystal hot sauce usually hotter than Tabasco (baseline since most people have had Tabasco at some point)? I haven't noticed Crystal at the grocery stores here, but I did try some in New Orleans. I ordered a poorboy and I used up a whole bottle (no exaggeration) of Crystal, but I couldn't taste any heat. I needed the hot sauce because I don't usually eat deep-fried stuff, but I had to have an oyster poorboy. Watered down bottle or is it a mild sauce?

I like sriracha and Melinda's Xtra Hot out of what's locally available for me.
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For a medium hot sauce you can actually use, Yucatan Sunshine is a super balance of veg. and fruit undertones with good heat as well. My SO can't open the bottle without taking a "finger-dab".

For really spicing up your life, try Capital Punishment. This is one of those 10/10ths sauces you use by the drop, but it is really neat flavor in chili, beans, soups, dips, etc. Also fun to give a drop to your BIL on a toothpick. He apparently was shocked by the hint of heat before it got on his tongue and inhaled quickly in shock. Think it went down his windpipe and we thought we might lose him for a while there. Oh well, better luck next time.....:rolleyes:
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ah shoot! Heck, I got hot sauce more than 130 yrs old in the ice box. wicked sh-- is somethin new around here. It kicks ya right up front with wasabi then rips the skin off your mouth and lips with habenaro and reminds ya the next day with cayene. We dipped smoked shrimp and finished with a shot of 4 yr old tequilla. Course I might have everything bassackwards, can't remember.
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Okay, while putting away the stuff we used for tonight's dinner, I took inventory of what's in the fridge (open) and in the closet (not yet in play). In no particular order:
  1. Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce (both old and new versions)
  2. Trinidad Hot
  3. Trinidad Extra Hot
  4. Sontava
  5. Chef Allen's Mango Habanero Blasting Sauce (not really all that blasting)
  6. Lingham's Chilli Sauce
  7. Perks Peri Peri Lemon Blast
  8. Perks Peri Peri African Heat
  9. Sriracha
  10. House of Tsang Saigon Sizzle
  11. Tabasco
  12. Tabasco Jalapeno
  13. Jamaica **** Fire Doc's Special
  14. Jamaica **** Fire Hot Sauce 2 in 1
  15. Batten Island Hot
  16. Star Pepper Sauce/Sauce Piquante
  17. Cholula
  18. Tropical Pepper Co. Xtra Hot Habanero Sauce
  19. Red River Chile Co. Mountain Fire
  20. Uncle Billy's Wild Blu Yonder Wild Blueberry Hot Sauce (from Maine)
  21. Ashanti Extra Hot Sauce
  22. Hot Horse Estate Grown Chili Pepper Sauce
  23. Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic Sauce
  24. Dal Raccolto Italian Red Chili Pepper Sauce
  25. Outerbridge's Original Pepper Sauce
  26. homemade Salsa Verde made with jalapenos and serranos
  27. and some chipotle paste, and 3 version of Thai curry paste, and Tommy Tang Thai Panang Curry Paste, but I don't really count these since they're ingredients, not condiments.[/list=1]

    Should I be embarrassed? I didn't even include the Old El Paso Salsa, Ortega Taco Sauce, or Desert Pepper Salsa del Rio (salsa verde) because these just aren't hot.
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I never thought of the fridge! :D I just found my favorite Walkerswood products from the Caribbean:

1) Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce
2) Escoveitch Pickle Sauce
3) Jonkanoo Hot Pepper Sauce
4) Walkerswood's Traditional Jerk Seasoning

along with the homemade pineapple-habanero kick-*** hot salsa :eek:


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Risa, to answer your question, I find Crystal Hot Sauce to be a little less hot than tabasco, but I also find it a little less pungnent than tabasco also, which means that you can use it in more delicate items where you want some heat but not all that vinegar flavor, IMHO.

I usually keep a few types of hot sauce around, including some really hot stuff I made and canned about 1 1/2 years ago. It is loosely based on a recipe that is similar to Dave's Insanity Sauce, and contains carrots, bell peppers, habaneros, mustard, onion and mango, all cooked and pureed. This stuff will light you on fire twice, if you know what I mean!!!
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Or as a hot-wing eating friend used to say - "FIRE IN THE HOLE!":eek:

We finally discovered that homemade ice cream was good at preventing this.....

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