Old Style Pastrami

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jake-t-buds and chefbubba,

sorry for the delay in the reply.

A Proper Pastrami is made from the plate or navel cut NOT the brisket.

That being said have seen tongue pastrami, beef round pastrami etc., personally like beef short rib pastrami.

You can literally corn/cure spice and smoke any cut you want. Have seen lot of brisket done nowadays as there's more available on each animal thus a less expensive cut than the plate.

"U-235" is a proper plate cut from heritage beef, aged, dry cured, spiced case method coated, cold smoked and let slowly loose weight in a temp/humidity controlled chamber. You can see the marbling in the meat which is crucial so as not to produce a beef jerky like texture, which we've experienced while perfecting the process for "U-235" the "New Manhattan Project".



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First bear in mind I live in the Midwest. I just came back from a Boston/Philly trip and had pastrami at Hershel's East Side Deli at the Reading Market in Philadelphia. Seems like the way to cut pastrami is thicker, not roast beef thick, but almost 1/4" slices. It makes for a great bite and the pastrami is still juicy on the inside. And yes, it had the proper amount of fat in it. :)
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I think one of the famous New York delis like Katz's prides itself in that all the meat is sliced on a cutting board by hand, they have no electric deli slicers in house. And they do thick slices like that, not the translucent, way thin slices like some places.


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