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When I bought these yearssss ago they were old. I am fond of them but switched over to new convections to save on space.

These were working when removed. They have steel decks not stone. My choice.

I would reccomend investing in changing the thermocouplers, safety therm, etc. They will go for another 50 yrs. We practiced pretty

good sanitation so the decks don't have too many hot spots. We wash sheet pans. No carbon build up.

These are incredibly HEAVY!!! They will require a lift gate for moving. I'm assuming they are offered locally but will entertain anything.

They are out back of the bakery now. They are tarped well. I will not be able to assist in any way removing them. lifting,crating etc.Pick up truck is out of the question. lol

 The price will be any reasonable offer, to go directly to The Ronald McDonald House, Dallas

PM with any questions

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I hope you and your family are okay.  We are to the east of you in Tyler.  The worst of it finally hit us about midnight.  I am posting this here b/c I keep getting a daily allotment error message on PM.

Well the short version is that we are opening a sandwich shop in an antique mall in downtown Tyler.  The we being my husband and me with a little help from my teenagers and my mom.

The long version is that my husband was laid off in September of 2009. I knew that my job could end at anytime, which it did this past February.  So we bit the bullet and took a chance and purchased a hamburger food court business at First Monday Trade Days in Canton. According to the information we received we should have been able to clear a little less than what I was making per month.  Unfortunately the information we received was not exactly truthful and we were lucky to break even.  We closed after our 6 month lease was up.  But buying that business put us in the right place at the right time. 

This wild haired guy wearing a baseball cap and a hawiian shirt came up to order something to split with his wife.  Our policy is to take care of our customers, so when they couldn't agree on what to order we made them a special half order of what each of them wanted.  A little while later I see my husband sitting and talking to the guy.  It turns out that he is a real estate broker who owns an antique mall in Tyler and was looking for someone to put in a sandwich shop to help draw in a lunch crowd. A few weeks later we met with him to see the space.  After some discussion we were able to come to an agreement that everyone was happy with.  So now we were on a new journey to start a sandwich shop.

Our new clientele are older folks who have more disposible income.  So we know the food has to be good or they'll go elsewhere.  But talking to the people we found out it also needs to be healthy.  For some reason healthy to most people means no flavor.  Fortunately for us due to various family aliments we have been cooking that way for the past 10 years.  So it comes down to fresh baked breads, slow roasted meats, and lots of fresh herbs, fruits and veggies.  Pies and baked goods that come in low fat and low sugar versions along with the good stuff.  Keeping everything as fresh and natural as possible.

But the problem is I don't have an oven.  And truthfully the only

reason I have money to buy one is we got a credit from the IRS because we lost money on the burger joint.  So here we are, hopefully you aren't sorry you asked.

So I have a heavy duty trailer (8000lb limit) and some guys with

muscles if we can come to an agreement.  Thanks for listening.


I am attaching a picture of our building that we took on our initial visit.  It is an old train depot built in the 20's.  Our space is about 14 x 24 with office space above.  The adjoining warehouse space is leased out for events.  We will have an order window at the back of the building with a seating area in the warehouse.   Our plan is to be open by the end of this quarter.  The county was also kind enough to build a brand new sherrif's office across the street.  People are just starting to move in.

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