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Greetings all,

I am not new to chef's forums, just this one.

My name is Brian, I am the Exec at a small boutique hotel in San Diego CA.

A 32 year veteran of the kitchen wars, apprenticeship trained + CIA grad (83 if it matters) and have been a bit of a nomad though my career.

Was a member of the "chefs and cooks on internet" newsgroup back in the days of usenet (if any remember that far back)

I use a lot of parenthetical sidebars (usually snide or obscure comments)

If there are any of the former usenet players on this forum I'd love to hear from them as well as making new contacts with the general ChefTalk community.
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Welcome, Chef Brian. If you're going to connect with chefs you know, this is probably one of the best places. We've been at it here at Chef Talk for about 10 years now, so I'll bet you will run into someone you know here.

I hope you'll take a good look around and take it all in: photos, wikis, articles, etc. and participate in the discussions.

Enjoy! I hope we see you here as often as your busy schedule allows.


Joined May 11, 2010
Grazie Mezzaluna, I intend to peruse at leisure. I look forward to engaging in some semi social postings.

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