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A friend told me that he had the opportunity to revitalize a old kitchen this past weekend. Among the stuff found in the kitchen were old butcherblock style cutting boards. Some of which were so big, they had handles on the sides and were found on edge behind some cabinets.

Being a carpenter, he asked me how to rejuvenate them. I said scrape them then sand then oil.

After saying this, I wondered if this was good advice, since they would be used again in a cooking environment, hence this post....

What do you all say?
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Don't scrape them. Run them through a thickness planer or a drum sander, you want the surfaces flat and free of any scarring.  You might have to take 1/4 or even 3/8" off each side to get to non-scarred wood, but yeah, go for it.  Oil them with mineral oil or Butcher's block wax.

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