okay so I have a really important question that I would like a chef to answer (please read)

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okay so after I get out of school for baking and pastry arts (which I havent started yet start in June)
I want to travel and work under as many people as I can to learn even more
I dont want to just work in a small town bakery
my dreams go beyond that
my question is
how should I go about this
any ideas?
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research. find the places you do want to work and apply for externships now. research the area too, Texas and Vegas may have rocking chefs that need and are willing to train rocking pastry chefs, but who wants to live there? Try Canada, it's beautiful, if a little cold and the people are actually nice, even the ones from the frenchy side. San Francisco, the mecca of foodies (west coast) is gorgeous even when its being ugly. so start looking and don't think that just because you are a nobody now nobody will hire you, Everyone was a nobody in this business at one time or another.

p.s. sorry Texans, I drove through your state twice and flew through twice, I don't much like your state at this time. Vegas is just too glitzy desert tourist for me too, besides my jerk BIL lives there, he can have it. I have nothing against the French, well not much anyway, the cheeses make up for a lot./img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Agree with Gunnar-research very important-research the places/people you would like to work for and aim for it.

Also, the better your curriculum vitae, the more attractive you are to future employers, so I'd suggest looking into some part-time work in local bakeries-even if you have to work for free for a couple of hours a week- this will give you a great advantage, it will bulk up your c.v. and prove that you are driven  and passionate.  Believe me, do this and you won't  have to go looking for places to work- work will find you and bring you where ever you want to go (sounds corny but its true).
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