OK, now this is getting ridiculous

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Yes those tax collecters are really cracking down, In one day this was the local action here.
Driving out in the morning a woman passed me and two pick-up trucks leaving no more than a car length for oncoming  traffic led by a cop!  He did an instant u turn and nabbed her I think she's regretting that. On the way home , four cop cars pulled over three cars for street racing and at the stop sign where I turn on to my street,( also where the neighbourhood children catch the bus) was a radar cop who had already nabbed two people in a 50km zone! My friend Saki that night got a $375 speeding ticket coming up the highway to visit me!
          wow it makes me paronoid to drive some days ...always on the look-out for coppers and always checking my speedomiter!
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Ahahaha... well, our tax money does have to go somewhere - insert sarcasm here! -
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