OK, I'm in!

Joined Mar 28, 2003
I'm former Navy,Viet Vet, member of K of C, and VFW. Attended Baltimore Culinary College, way back when. I've been a place, or two, a time, or two, and did a thing, or two. I cater in Baltimore. Tell all your friends with money to call me!
I love to cook, just about as much as I hate to do the paperwork.
I look forward to taking part in the discussions here and learning from you. Thanks for having me.
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hi to Gilbo in Bawlmer! Sounds like you've seen a thing or two in your time. We're glad you found us, and hope to learn a thing or two from a well-seasoned veteran of the world, both culinary and otherwise.

What kinds of items do you have in your repertoire? I have family in Baltimore; maybe they've eaten your food.
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