OK Here is my list of questions!

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I am going to make a list as asked of all the definitions I need :

calcium orthophosphate
dough piece
both in a pastry context PLEASE!

And I would like to have a confirmation of the use of acidulants in the making process of waffles! and the same thing for copra and palm oil!
I think that's it for the moment!
I really hope somebody will be able to help me as it is very important for my last year report!
THanks a lot,
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I'll help with a start but if I can find the info so can you not to mention you can find some other interesting information along the way.
calcium orthophosphate is an acid that is used as an additive in commercial flours to aid in leavening. It is legal.

copra, think coconuts and oils. Find the rest grasshopper and it will lead you down the path of knowlege.

I don't mean to be obnoxious but the answers are all right there for the research.
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I think of palm and coconut oils mainly in connection to African cooking. They used to be used a lot in manufacturing here in the US until everyone started getting cholestrol-worried. So we are less likely to get products that include them. Don't know what the food laws about this are in the EEU, though.

As for "acidulants" -- well, if you combine an acid and an alkali, you get leavening. That's what our commercial "baking powder" is, in dry form.

But chrose is right -- seek and ye shall find!
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