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    Can't boil water
    I tried Kirkland Tuscany extra virgin olive oil in the 1 little bottles sold at costco, nice stuff. I heard extra virgin olive oil isn't the best choice for frying because of it’s low smoking point and tolerance to heat. Light Olive oil is a better choice so I wrote Costco and asked if they would look into selling it in 1 little bottles, they replied they would check into it. Costco only has Peanut oil in the large boxes that would go bad buy the time I used it all so was wondering would you buy it if they carried 1 little bottles of that? Besides using peanut oil in deep fryers what else can it be used for? My guess not in cake mixes, most recipes that use vegetable, corn or canola oils. A wok cookbook recomended Hollywood Safflower Oil which i have tried and fine ok for fry pans and wok dishes but is that Interchangeable in recipes using vegetable, corn or canola oils? :chef:
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    most cooking done in india suggests use of peanut oil
    though there are parts that use coconut oil as well

    and yes a lot of recipes allow to interchage the three as well
    as they are mostly neutral in taste
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    Peanut oil is excellent in some of the "asian" style salad dressings ... sometimes I mix it with sesame oil, and a few drops of toasted sesame oil.

    Peanut oil also mixes well with avocado oil for sauteeing - very nice, rich flavor.

    Have you considered sharing the gallons of peanut oil with friends/family?

    We just wash out the 1 litre olive oil bottles, fill them thru a funnel, and share!

    You can also keep the oil in the fridge, but make sure it's very tightly capped, so that it doesn't absorb any other flavors.
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    I will not say that I have a lot of culinary degrees, but I come from a lot of rich history in asian cooking. Peanut oil is used as the main oil in asia, because that is where it is available, it does have a lower smoking temp than olive oil, but not as low as vegetable oil(as generic as that is), I wouldn't use it as a frying oil, but more as a stir fry oil. It gets hot at the right temp, but doesn't burn to quickly, if you are planing on cooking garlic or ginger that may be added while heating up the oil. Don't think of peanut oil as any different oil, it has become a common specailty oil. It was originated for a purpose, quick frying(stir frying), which is all they did then, But we have a lot of other choices. Depending on what you are cooking, look at smoking temps, but for most things it won't make a difference. I have come to find that it is more important what you are cooking than what you are cooking in, I just think if the flavors of your food are correct, then everything else will fall into place.
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    The peanut oils that are available on the market have changed drastically within the past few years with the addition of stabalizers etc that has made peanut one of the more versatile oils on the market.

    Depending on the quality of the oil, it may be used for practically anything. I only use peanut oil in my deep fryers.

    And as said in prior posts, peanut oil is a staple in Asian and Indonesian cooking becasue of the availabilty in the market...

    Would I buy 1 ltre bottles of peanut oil? Perhaps if it was necessary for a special dish I was preparing, but at home I infuse my own oils, so that if my dish called for the little flavor that peanut oil imparts then perhaps...

    Cheffy's two cents
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    I also have tried the Kirkland EVOO and like it. It has a nice fruity taste.

    Asian markets are an excellent source for smaller quantities of peanut oil, starting at the one liter size.

    Asian peanut oils have a rich peanut aroma and flavor while American peanut oils are much milder.

    Either way, they have a high smoke point and work well for frying and sauteing.