Oh those aroma's !

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I just finished making a farce for some quial.

When I was rendering some Nueskie bacon and vidilia onions for the foundation I found the scent somewhat intoxicating.

I threw in a few spring morels and the whole kitchen filled up with earth,smoke and sweetness. I have so many things I love the aroma's of while cooking and wonder what some of your are.

You know,that incredible scent of fresh brewing coffee,or that loaf of bread baking in your oven.
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Mmmm.. Nueske's bacon! They have a booth in a local mall. Most days they have some of that bacon frying on a griddle. What a wonderful aroma! It's worth every penny. What else was in the stuffing, Cape Chef?

My favorite (food) aromas: :lips:

chicken soup with lots of dill and leeks
roasting chicken
cinnamon and vanilla


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Here are a few aromas that make me ''weak in the knees''

-the smell of a backyard grill or barbeque (doesn't matter what is cooking)
-the smell of bacon frying
-the smell of the ''Paulina Meat Market'' in Chicago (a mix of freshly butchered meat, sausages drying, and meats being smoked)
-freshly baked bread and/or cinnamon rolls
-a pot of choucroute simmering away
-a pan of onions caramelizing
-and a non-food smell, the smell of burning leaves, because that means fall-time, my favorite food time of the year!!!
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The smell of a lamb's leg, roasting in the oven with garlic and rosemary.

Vanilla and many more of course but those two... I will never be bored of them!
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There are so many. Of course I love barbeques and smoked meats but the one that sticks out in my mind is when I lived in Alaska. There was a guy who smoked his own salmon in his backyard and he smoked a lot of it. His whole block smelled of Alder and smoking salmon. That was the best smelling neighborhood ever! (would I want to live next door? That's another story!)
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fresh breads.....I'm one of the few people I know that smells produce....I sniff as I shop....if there is no aroma there will be no flavor.

You guys are gonna die, I was in Louisville last week for 5 days and got some German tomatoes and Brandy wines that were RIPE and not hydroponic, the broker got them from Fla. Ate um tonight with goat cheese buttons and baby greens from the farmer's market on Bardstown road (KY). pulled out the aged basalmic and Italian olive oil....
It was a morel dinner party for a couple of friends. So the aroma of tomatoes, cooking morels, morel soup, basalmic....all mingled and said "Spring" well actually Summer for the tomatoes but I was thrilled to get a REAL tomato sooooooo early.
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On Mother's Day, my husband prepared a great breakfast for us. Every three minutes, something else was hitting a hot pan. The aromas were incredible!

One of my favorite smells is cinnamon rolls baking. I like to smell garlic cooking - and good strong onions. A roasting T-Giving turkey can put me over the edge. My husband's stock/wine reduction mounted with butter creates a beautiful aroma.
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