Oh, the luck I have....

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Here's the scene. There's a famous beef sandwich shop here in Chi-Town called "Mr. Beef." (You may have heard of it, Jay Leno sometimes talks about them.) Well, me and my friends from culinary school usually go there for lunch on Fridays. Well, this past Friday I opted to hang at school to study for a final I had to take later in the day. When they got back, they told me that Food TV was there. Jill Cordes and her "The Best Of" show were filming all about the best beef sandwiches in Chicago. Since my friends were dressed in their chef whites, they got interviewed while eating their lunch. The show is called "The Best of Street Eats" and will air soon on Food TV. Keep an eye open for it. At least you can see my friends eating and talking about great beef sandwiches....

I'll tell ya... If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. I coulda been right there with them..... I coulda been famous!!!!!

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Instead, maybe you'll be a contender for a great job somewhere because of higher grades!! ;)

I'll certainly watch for it, Ardge.
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Aww. Sounds like something that would happen to me. But yeah, maybe the higher grades will result in a better job down the road? Maybe it's just ironic karma and you're goint to host your own Food TV show. Yeah, that's it!
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