oh my head

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oh the pain,,,, four days of nonstop debaucherous bridal party behavior is begining to wear on my weary mind and body. tomorrow im going back into manhattan for some daytime sightseeing , and some good indian food. :bounce:
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Sounds like a weekend to me! Have fun eating your way across Manhattan. There's no better way to spend the time if that's all you have, trust me!
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Where are you going for Indian food? I don't know if the people I know are there on Sunday, but you should try Amma, on the East Side in Midtown (246 E. 51st, between Secon and Third). The new menu there is being overseen by Suvir Saran -- who has posted here, and is brilliant as well as a real sweetie -- and Hemant Mathur, a total master of the tandoor.
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