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Hello everyone, i'm joe. I have worked in restaurants since 2000, and recently graduated culinary school. Now i'm just trying to grind real hard in a kitchen to make student loan payments.

I'm "Chef de Cuisine" for lack of better term at my job. It's fun. I get to make awesome food and teach other people proper techniques and recipes. That is the most rewarding part about it. 

I'm hoping to learn new tricks from people on doing things in a professional kitchen settings. It's always nice to read about other people's experiences to gain new perspective.
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It's good to meet you, Joe. If you've spent some time browsing the board, you know we have a good contingent of skilled and trained home cooks and professionals. We've been here 10 years, and our members range from beginner home cooks to award winning chefs and patissiers. You can almost always find a discussion on a topic! Search the posts, the wikis and cooking articles and more.

As a professional chef, you're welcome to browse and post on any thread you like. While professionals have sub-forums limited to them, all Chef Talk members can read and learn from posters there. I'm impressed in the skill level of some of your home cooks, too.

How did you launch yourself into a culinary career? Did someone steer you in this direction?

We invite you to visit, read and post as often as your busy life permits.


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