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Apparently I didn't introduce myself properly before and my post got deleted. (Thanks, mods!) My passion for cooking developed early in life while growing up in rural Florida. My mother, an immigrant from France, took great pride in preparing food for the family, and I fondly recals watching her make her own sauces and canning fresh fruits and vegetables. “Great food isn’t an accident,” she always said (literally, always--it wasn't until later we discovered her head injury that made her repeat stock phrases ad nauseam), and she taught me how to find and select the best ingredients for meals at local farms and markets. She also taught me how to determine the best quality of meat, poultry and seafood. I began working in restaurants in my teen years, starting as a dishwasher and working my  way up into the kitchen, learning every aspect of the business hands-on. I traveled, and after being discharged from the Navy due to the don't ask don't tell policy (which I won't get into), I found myself at a roadside diner run by a Greek man named Nick who was kind enough to give me a job pumping gas and working around the place. Well, to make a long story short, things did not work out the way we planned and I moved on from that place and now work as a cooking instructor at a fourth-rate school in Florida.

Is that enough detail, or should I say more?
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Hello Chef Bert- welcome to Chef Talk. I see you've already been participating in the discussions, so I'll just add that we have much more than only the discussion forums: cooking articles, wikis, photo galleries etc.

We hope you enjoy being part of the community.


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