Oh Deer.

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My mother-in-law lives in the middle of a city of about 40,000, and manages to maintain a beautiful English-style flower-garden and a rather large vegetable and herb patch. This past winter was relatively mild, and deer have invaded her private space. She has as many as 12 deer at once come traipsing through her yard! She erected a wooden fence on two sides of her yard and put up nylon netting on the remaining two sides, hoping to deter them. Not so - they simply chew through the netting to get to the goodies.

She's tried every home remedy suggested to her - from sprinkling Irish Spring shavings on the borders of her lawn to waving around vials of wolverine urine. Is there anything else, short of a shotgun?
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8' metal field fencing (2x48") will do the trick. Not beautiful but it will work (they also do make it painted green). And it will keep the dogs, cats, rabbits and neighbor kids out. Of course, veggie-fattened venison sounds good, too.
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