oh brother... here we go again!

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Last weeked we were short staffed by two and that landed me working fruits alone (NOT FUN but I lived) while  I had the sometime KS run the board and the hot side.  Our 30 year vet did a bonehead move while he was cleaning the slicer and that resulted in stitches for him and I had another cook book it off plus the KM was still on vacation so the weekend was a struggle to say the least. 

Soooo the 30 year vet messages me on FB asking if it is OK if he takes Saturday off as his thumb is still hurting him... It's fine by me, I''d rather have him take the time than risk infection by working as we have him on meats and potatoes and that station is nasty greasy. 

If anyone else bails yours truly will be doing fruits solo again....  shoot me now?
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sorry Leeniek, I have no idea what gun control is like in canada but I doubt they will let me take my rifle across the border. Suppose I could smuggle a slingshot, though.  Hey you could eat just a bit of egg and get rushed to the hospital!
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Messages you on bookface if it's OK to take a day off???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since when does your employer have an account with bookface?

The guy needs an autopsy, and I'd be glad to give him one.


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Facebook is not an appropriate way to "call off."  This may sound cold hearted but unless he had a doctor's note excusing from working for the next few days I would have told him he needed to come in and work, especially already being short staffed.  Wrap it and glove it and it shouldn't be a problem.  I guess I come from a different era (though I am only 41 years old).  We never called off, worked through most any injury short of amputating a limb or a digit and, if we did end up going for stitches were always there the next day, if not later in the day, to do any kind of work we could.
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My quote to I'm sick and not coming in...."You better have a kidney hanging out before you call in sick"

The work ethic of many is pretty poor theese days.
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Originally Posted by leeniek  

...Soooo the 30 year vet messages me on FB asking if it is OK if he takes Saturday off as his thumb is still hurting him...
My reply (on FB of course)? Sure, take whatever time you need. Oh, your final paycheck should be ready by tomorrow, do you want me to mail it?
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 This guy despite all I gripe about does come in even when he is sick and should be in bed so when he tells me he cannot do it I believe him.  I have argued with him when he has come in barfing etc and won in the end but still I know he WILL turn up. 

 I do not text or give out my home or cell # to the staff so the only way they have to get ahold of me before hours either via email or FB.  The KM has my full contact info as do the owners and that is it.  The key ppl in the kitchen have my cell and my home # is in my file for anyone who needs it...  I am rather private ..
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 This coming weekend is gonna suck monkey butt for me..

Three cooks off and MOI running fruits solo with prep support but still it is not gonna be fun... shoot me now????????
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Thanks Gunnar but I'll pass on the egg reaction... good idea for some time off though...LOL
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