Offering Nutella in self serve bar

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I am opening a frozen yogurt shop and want to offer Nutella as a self serve topping option. Suggestions on how to offer? Was thinking a squeeze bottle but too thick as is. 


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Personally, I would serve it warmed which should thin it out also. 
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Warmed yes. You could thin it out with heavy cream and make a nutella ganache but you might have to charge for it then. 
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Nutella doesn't warn well, it breaks. I would just serve it in a bowl with a spoon or straight out of the container with a spoon.
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Maybe you could spread it thin, freeze it then break it up small like Jimmies, or chopped nuts.  
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IMO a jar of Nutella sitting out to glob on as a topping sounds pretty unappealing.

There are a few Nutella based topping recipes on the net but they all require heavy cream to keep it thin enuf to pour (so it has to be kept in the safe zone ie behind the counter).

I like where @Mike9  is going with it but it would need to be kept frozen and this is for a self serve topping bar.

I will toss this one out... there is a no bake cookie that my Grands like to make.

Peanut butter, honey, corn flakes and a bit of salt.

The texture is maybe too chewy for your purpose (and would prolly turn to rock when it hits the cold) but maybe there is another recipe out there (Pinterest lol) that you could sub Nutella for peanut butter.

Cookie crumbles?

Or run a Nutella marbled froyo social every once in a while.

Chef Talk peeps know I love my blackboard specials lol.....

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IMO a jar of Nutella sitting out to glob on as a topping sounds pretty unappealing.
Yeah. I’m with you on that one. I used to work in a place that had salad dressing in pint containers in a hotel pan with ice/ ice water. Fleas would always find there way onto the ranch or whatever, to be swished aside when serving. The place had a “B” rating because of cracks in the tile in the prep kitchen, although many said they saw rats the size of dogs in the walk in. (joke). Anyway. . . 

Add, in very small amounts to get the consistency you want for a squeeze bottle : 

Simple syrup or

Chocolate syrup or

peanut oil. Or a combo. Enough to thin it but not compromise flavor? 

Keep it warm under lights? 

I don't generally eat nutella, so those are suggestions from the peanut gallery. 

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