October 2020 challenge: Soy product

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If it's made with soy beans, it's fair game. My limitations are on soybean oil (AKA vegetable oil) and edamame. You can use them, sure, but they don't count as the soybean product.

So tofu in all its variations, soy sauce, bean sauce, most oyster sauce, hoisin and an and on. Textured soy protein even.

Standard rules apply.
I sort of find that there's a little bit too much salt in quite a few soy sauce products. Not sure if it's intentional


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Yes, it's intentional.

There are good lower sodium products out there if that's what you prefer. However the ones marketed as low sodium are usually odd tasting in my experience. For soy sauce, try Ve Wong XO soy sauce. It tastes good, has fairly low sodium but runs about 2x price of other well regarded brands. Amazon's price is terrible.
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