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I was invited the other day to attand a service in my favorite Jerusalamian restaurant. I was completely blown out the roof. Their kitchen is the smallest i've seen(4 sqr meters including equipment), but the things they do with it are marvalous. It's basically a sea restaurant, with two meat dishes. The food is quite "simple" combining italian cooking with palasatinan ingridients and flavours.
And their treatment of produce is admirble. Not only they sell only fish that were caught the same day(the rest goes for the next day's lunch, and then eaten by staff) but the fish are filleted to order! Not only filleting goes to order but raviolie too. They made a magnificent ravioli, each one stuffed with one oven seared cherry tomatoe. I've seen them make the stuffing and ravioli to order. I've never seen nothing like it. They also baked a whole seabream for three in a salt crust. As much as it's simple it's wonderful. Like they say, when you have good produce all you have to do is not spoil it.

Now all I want to do is leave my secure sou-chef job and begin anew....

I don't know if you'll be in jerusalem but if you do, reserve a place right now.
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