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Wondering if anyone has a recipe.

I used un-skinned brie, butter, cream cheese, caraway seed, onion, paprika...etc

It looked like separated sauce because I didn't remove the rind from the brie.

Not sure if I care.  It tastes like what you'd think from the ingredients. :) 


Any Germans got a recipe Oma doesn't know about?  Or Oma's recipe?

My Oma makes great sweetbreads, but doesn't know obatzda.

Should I remove the rind?  My instinct says "no". 

I like the bitterness from the rind.
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German cheese spread/dip.

Not a huge rind fan. I guess you'd have to puree the rind more to avoid the bad appearence.
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It's a Bavarian cheese dip. Camambert, cottage or pot cheese, cream cheese, shallots, garlic, paprika, caraway  and whatever other spice or herb you like. Usually veges are dipped in it or pieces of toasted day old rye or pump bread triangles. Like a French Fondue of soughts.. Not seen in US to much. I tasted it in Germany with cukes and celery.

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