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Simple questions to some more recent locals....

Where can I find some black garlic, speciality shops or markets not purveyors?

Best bowery supply store, particularly for technical/modern plating tools?

Who will sell me Tuna that is 2+ consistent? Non of this holy s&^% amazing one day and I hope you are effen joking the next.

We will try those for now...
Shot in the dark, wait actually early morning light.

Let's see where this goes..

Sean V
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Only consistant tuna I have found is flown in to Florida from off Hawian Coast. It is pricey but excellent, better then the so called Sushi Grade. because 95% of time it is uniform in texture, taste, and color.
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Although I'm back in Cali i spent 5 years in NYC.  I'm not sure what you mean by modern plating tools, but this is what i can think of:

Black Garlic. Either check out Kalustyans on Lex and 28th. or get in touch with Behroush from Saffron King   He carries amazing exotic ingredients of amazing quality, although you will pay for it.

As far as tools I always use Broadway Panhandle or J.B. Prince.

All the restaurants I worked at in the Danny Meyer group used Pierless Fish Co.  They deliver to every legit restaurant. Bobby the owner is a perfectionist just like any chef i know.

Hope it helps
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That was exactly the answer I was looking for, Thank you cacio!
Wish I could be more help in Cali....
Kalyunstans and Jb prince are prime chef stops in NY.
I'm also using pierless..

Do you miss it yet ?

I hand picked my truffles and porcini out of a suitcase today,
Life is gooood.

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