Nutritionally sound Ice Cream?

Joined Jul 28, 2001
Please stay out of the bakeshop. You hot chefs are all alike. "can't you come up with a healthy dessert that is low fat, low carb, healthy" If you want something really healthy after the entree, then try a walk or get a room.:D

PS by bakery I don't mean the CT bakery. Just trying to prepare you for your next gig.
Start using all those substitutes and you'll have to get another screen name to go with your extra head you grow.
Sorry, cold here today. Can't take it.
Joined Dec 4, 2002
I just KNEW you'd have something to say,
YOU should get out of the bakery and into a comedy club!
And thanks for helping me prepare, I'll take all the help I can get!:chef:

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