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Just wanted to know if there is such a thing and how do I go about getting it. Should I check my hospital? I don't think the community colleges here offer it. Are there any textbooks that I could get to study by? I was thinking of cooking for elderly or busy families as a Personal Chef maybe networking from my hospital. Id try to do a flex pay plan, since I believe it will take a while to find out if I can bill their insurance and all that other complicated stuff I will have to figure out later.

This would be perfect for me since I can be flexible and still see my kids, plus my family would benefit since Id be accustomed to cooking healthy. Is anyone here a Personal Chef?
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Hey ShawtyCat , I also now work in a hospital as the food service manager and I am taking the Dietary Managers Coure from the University of North Dakota through a corospondent course . I have a preceptor who is my Dietician and it has helped me learn a lot about nutrition . There is also a Diet Tech class you can take and get certified in . Check with your food service manager and they should be able to help . Good luck .
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I was thinking of getting certified and opening a private parctice. Too many long hours on my feet in the pastry kitchen. I have a knack for helping pin point peoples food needs. Now I just need the science behind it and a piece of paper saying so.
Any ideas? I have a BA in Foodservice Management and AOS in Pastry Arts, Three little kids and part time job.
Should I go to school part time or is there another way to go about this?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Ive been taking courses online from the CIA. Im pregnant with two other kids, a home office and work part time at the family biz. So far it is working great for me. Try calling/viewing websites of colleges and see if they offer online classes or distance learning. Its getting pretty popular for us working stiffs to take classes online. And its really flexible. I wait until nap/bed time to study, do projects and take my exams. I think I got an A+!

If I find an online nutrition course Ill let you know. :)

Hey, whadda ya know. I leave and punch in online nutrition courses and what do I find?

Here's the link:Online Food & Nutrition Courses

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