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Hello, just stubbled across this web-site and I am impressed with what I have seen thus far. Nice to have Culinary professionals at hand to correspond with.

I am in need of software that I can type in a recipe and the software will breakdown the Nutritional values. Does anyone know if such a program exsists? If so, are there any free ones out there?

TIA for any and all info/links you foks have
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I think the CIA has a nutrition program that does that but I know that it is definately not free. Maybe someone else here knows of a program that can help you.
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My son took a nutrition class at the community college, and they used this software: (I'm copying info off the disc - hope you can use the info)

"Contemporary Nutrition: Issues and Insights" 4th edition by Gordon M. Wardlaw, copyright 2000 by McGraw Hill; ISBN 0-07-1062-0

The software is awesome in its scope and breakdown. Hope you can find it.
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Hi Jim , I use a software program called Master Cooks Cooking Light . This breaks down all of the recipes from the cooking light cookbooks and gives you all the nutritionals . Also you can build
your own cookbooks and it will break your recipes down also .
I believe there is a site on the net , try cooking light . good luck .
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