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Back in the late 80's a nutrient was touted for lowering cholesterol and/or blood fats. What was that nutrient's name? I think that it was something other than fiber but could be wrong. Boy oh boy is my brain blank on this one. TIA.
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I'm thinking OAT BRAN with its soluble fiber - I think. Soluble fiber is absorbed into the blood to "remove" cholesterol and/or fats. And I'm aware of niacin but that's not what I'm thinking about.
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Does this help?

There's also rice bran that is said to be pretty effective in lowering cholesterol.

Rice Bran Lowers Cholesterol: One Benefit of Whole Grain Brown Rice
by Susan Lundberg

Preliminary results of a U.S. department of Agriculture study show that rice bran, the outer layer of brown rice, is effective in lowering cholesterol. This is according to a story in The Rice world and Soybean News of January, 1989. In his book, The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure. Robert E. Kowalski says: "Another excellent source of the water-soluble fiber tat can lower cholesterol levels is rice bran. Just as oat bran is a part of the whole oat grain, so rice bran is a portion of the whole rice grain."
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It was a nutrient associated with oatbran and not a fish product. I really think that the nutrient is soluble/insoluble fiber - the former which is absorbed into the blood and lowers cholesterol.

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Shoot, I don't have the book with me, but I recently finished reading a book on nutrition put out by the Mt. Sinai school of Nutrition... as I recall, neither fiber is actually absorbed into the blood, but the soluble fiber, such as pectin and oat bran, binds with the bile in our intestines. It is the BILE that gets absorbed and recycled, but by getting bound to the fiber, we end up passing it instead, it can't get absorbed and re-used. Therefore, the liver has to use it's store of fatty cholesterol deposits to create new bile... and that's supposedly how fiber helps to reduce our cholesterol levels..
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I remember the oatbran craze. It's really nice to hear how it works for our benefit.

I was working for a bakery at the time and we came up with a bunch of different oatbran recipes. Muffins, loaf breads, fruitbars and such. I think I'll try to dig them out and make then again.

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