Nut oil shelf life?How long can you keep nut oils?

Joined Dec 30, 1999
How long will unopened bottles of nut oils
(walnut, almond, hazelnut etc.) keep? I
have several bottles that I have had for a
couple years that have never been opened. I
keep them in the refrigerator. Since it's
been so long, must they be thrown out? Is a
taste test the only way to know? But what
happens after I open them? I suppose then
they must be used up and not kept any
longer?. Advice please.
Joined Aug 18, 1999
A really good quality French nut oil will keep for a very long timje in the fridge, even after being opened. But what are you waiting for? Hazelnut oil is a treat on a salad. Do you have any pumpkin seed oil? If so drizzle a little over a piece of grilled fish!
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