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I have an employee that every couple of weeks, will call out for his morning shift. He's a good worker otherwise, but when would you say enough is enough?
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Do you know why he calls out? Is it predictable, like same day every time? Are drugs involved? A second job? Family issues? 

Anything you can work around?


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Lots of different companies have different policies.  My wife's company is 3 incidents in 30 days (an incident is a separate occasion-it doesn't mean that if someone is really sick and out for 3 straight days then they can get fired).  My company allows for 6 incidents in a rolling 12 month period.  On the 7th incident the employee can be terminated.  Both allow for discretion on the manager's end, allowing him/her to take other factors into account.  Does your restauant have a written attendance policy?  If so use it to your advantage, if necessary.  I would definitely talk to this person and see what the story is first though.
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Maybe you could have a private chat with him and see if there is a workable way around him having to call off. I have found over the years that a situation like this can have an easy resolution with a little give and take with complete frankness from both parties and result in a very loyal employee due to the fact that you took a personal intrest.
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As a manager part of the job os managing people to set them up for success so your life is easier. If he is worth keeping stop scheduling him for morning shifts. If it is a prep shift and you have the room have him do a pm prep shift for the next morning. My best friend is a chef and likes the late nights and ladies a little to much. When he worked for me he burned me a couple times in the AM. I just stopped scheduling him for morning shifts and never worried about it. A lot of people in the restaurant biz would love morning shifts so they can pretend to be normal sometimes. Cut his am shifts and if he complains let him know why it has happened and see where that discussion goes. Pm prep shifts can be a good thing.
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