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Not sure what to do and am very irritated about my knives. It was suggested to me by a pro knife person to get the KAI Wasabi chef knife. So I get that, take care of it keep it in a case, now I decide I want to get it very sharp again, I use the honing steel, pro tells me "Get a ceramic honing rod, use it lightly you still have an edge on here", I get that it get's a little sharper. Then I had a 400/1000 stone, somebody else says 400 too agressive so I get an 800. Nothing helps but the ceramic, then the KAI support tells me "don't use ceramic honing" but now two pros have told me to use ceramic and factory says don't. Tried 3M super high end polish. Basically I'm in the same spot, the knife is ok sharp, but I can run my thumb along the edge without getting cut so it can't be that sharp. 

Is it really that tough to do this stuff with stones? should I just buy a machine or send it out to KAI?

Or should I buy another knife with a lower rockwell hardness?

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Before you dump the knife completely, you may want to have it professionally sharpened.

Different steels sharpen better with different stones, hones, and techniques.  It's not easy to figure out, especially when one is still learning the basics.

And don't forget, opinions are like (sphincters), everyone has one.  Some are better than others, though.  Whichever really works is best.

If your knife cannot draw blood... then it is still dull.
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You are sharpening at too obtuse an angle, and probably pressing too hard also, and likely not deburring properly.  1K is a little coarse also, but mainly it is your technique.  The knife forum has plenty of recent posts full of tips.

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