November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

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Okay I have this underused donabe. Here is a clay pot rice w the sausage and dried shrimp. Mix in dark soy light soy white pepper and a bit of sugar and scallions.

20201106_184138.jpg 20201106_184448.jpg

1 hour of soaking plus 10 min on the stove

Super easy on the stove. If you want a challenge do this over a live fire
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I'm realizing that most of the one-pot dishes my family really loves, classic Japanese nabemono, probably don't quite fit this challenge. They're like Chinese-style hotpot: you have plates of stuff to put into the simmering broth. I figure those plates count against the "one pot" limit. Hmm.
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So October has come and gone, and I had nothing to eat that brought to mind Oktoberfest. @phatch did that Germanic inspired dish, got me going. So pork ribs and sauerkraut.

The Players

First off, the pot for this one pot dish.


This old thing has to be at least 40 years old. Aluminum based pot, can be used on the stovetop, oven and of course the hot plate type thingy that it came with. No need to sear in a different pan.

On to the ingredients.

First off the pork products. Loin back ribs, bratwurst, salt pork and the stuff under the plate of brats is neck bones, for the stock.

The supporting cast:


Saverne kraut is pretty good.

The Process

The day before the neck bones, some onion, carrot, black pepper, bay leaf, etc. are steeped a few hours for a pork stock.


Next day a few slices of the salt pork get put into the pot to render down, release some fat. While that is happening, I prep the ribs.


Peeled off the membrane on the back, cut the slab in half, a light sprinkle of kosher salt.

I decided to cut them into serving portions of two ribs. Salt pork rendered, two bone portions getting a bit of brown on them.


Ribs pulled out, thinly sliced onion gets softened in the pot. Then the potatoes get added.


Poured in a bunch of the pork stock, put in the ribs. Moved the pot from the stovetop to the electric base. Let it all cook for about 6 hours at a low simmer.

Added the brats and the kraut, a few more hours.


Actually let it go a couple hours longer than I planned, as I took a nap and the alarm didn't wake me at the time it went off.

The Product

So eventually I wake up and finish the dish, plating it up.


I plop it on the plate, add a slice of nice rye bread, start to arrange it to look nice. Then I thought this is silly. It's going to be 50 shades of visually boring whatever you do. So there.

And yes, it tastes WAY better than it looks! Ribs and kraut, food of the gods.

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A “recipe” I learned from Julia - yes, the Julia - many decades ago. Served on our finest paper plates!

ingredients not shown: salt, pepper, six cloves of garlic, a squeeze of lemon, a dash of Magi, and a cornstarch slurry.


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Not sure how much love y'all have for the pressure cooker in these parts but it's a great time saver and the food is just as good. I do miss out on the fun of slow cooking and checking and tasting but with a baby in the house it's great!

Tried a new spin on pot roast. Chuck flavored with tomatoes and dried mushrooms. The soaking liquid from the mushrooms is a real game changer. I usually don't use tomatoes but I love the depth of flavor and tang it adds. Also flavored with thyme, rosemary, bay, onions and garlic. No wine or broth. This was easily one of the best dishes I've cooked in weeks.

PXL_20201108_191945992.jpg PXL_20201108_192203726.jpg PXL_20201108_192158059.jpg PXL_20201108_192848954.jpg PXL_20201108_200124081.jpg PXL_20201108_203740556.jpg PXL_20201108_203745569.jpg PXL_20201108_203936711.jpg

Aaaaaand chocolate mayonnaise cake for dessert because I had a super specific craving for it. PXL_20201109_025808787.jpg PXL_20201109_025638901.jpg
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Bratwurst sheet pan roasted dinner

Ok, there are some kosher dogs for non-bratwurst liking contingent.

Made a Germanic seasoning in decreasing volume of:
Onion powder
Marjoram. Or dill would be good too
Lemon zest/sumac/or even coriander seeds.
Celery seed
Smoked paprika
Grind as needed and combine

I salted separately.

I each potato, sweet potato, small butternut squash; 1/2 each head of cabbage, head of cauliflower.

Oven to 400 F, rack to center position.

Lightly toss veggies in a little neutral oil. Arrange on sheet pan. I used a liner of parchment paper, otherwise use more oil. Season with salt and Germanic seasoning.

View attachment 68981

Top with bratwurst. Into the 400 degree oven.

View attachment 68982

Flip sausages at half way point, about 20 minutes. Tweak veggie arrangement as needed. I rotated pan front to back.

View attachment 68983

At 40 minutes, check doneness. It was ready.

View attachment 68984

Serve from pan for easy weeknight meal, mustard at the table

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Very cool idea!!
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You know, maybe whoever hosts the October 2021 challenge will pick Octoberfest as the theme. Of course, I do enjoy bratwurst and schnitzel all year long, not just during one particular month.

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WOW. ... I've got that same cooker ... same color too!

Nice dish.

I can't say for sure, but my guess is it came in only two colors. The "Harvest Gold" or whatever color they called the ones we have, and the other being a light "Avocado" green.

In the next day or two I plan to set it off to the side somewhere, filled with water, and check the temp of the water at each of the 5 settings on the dial. Could be interesting.

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usually when i have a big shop coming and am ending up with lots of tats of this and that in the cupboard and fridge i do a bit of an "everything" pot, a slow-cook with usually a choice cut of meat (cheek, shin, oxtail etc etc). Not very much finesse but im hoping this is in keeping with the theme of the challenge as i really love doing these and view it as one of the more expressive and free-forming kinds of cookery

so here we go

two big whopping beef shortribs from my friends at Wild Beef in Borough Market. Seared on all sides dry. By the time theyre nicely coloured theres fat rendered out to sautee a whole bunch of pointed cabbage, onion, 3 smashed garlic cloves, sweet potato and carrots. I also found a chunk of turmeric root sitting around so i grated and added that too

smushed the peeled plum tomatoes by hand, shaohsing, doenjang, fish sauce. sat the ribs back in it and filled with chicken stock/water until the ribs were just barely above water level

Covered in the oven at 160C for maybe 4 hours. Took the lid off, turned down to 120C, made a little foil circle hat to sit atop it and allowed to roll for another 4 hours, turning/basting twice very (VERY) carefully as those things wanted to fall apart

really good. black rice and sauerkraut.
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Okay, missing the picture of the finished product (blame it on hot weather and ice cold beer)
Ingredients (sri racha sauce, onions, green asparagus, tomato, very old cheese, basil and garlic)
01 ingredients.jpg

And the magic machine :)
02 uuni.jpg

Since I missed the end picture, I'm cheekily inserting one from an earlier session
03 cooked.jpg

So, Millions, don't worry, this one can't be a serious contender,, not sure either if it qualifies as one-pot. Maybe it is no-pot?
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Okay, missing the picture of the finished product (blame it on hot weather and ice cold beer)
Ingredients (sri racha sauce, onions, green asparagus, tomato, very old cheese, basil and garlic)
View attachment 69063

And the magic machine :)
View attachment 69064

Since I missed the end picture, I'm cheekily inserting one from an earlier session
View attachment 69065

So, Millions, don't worry, this one can't be a serious contender,, not sure either if it qualifies as one-pot. Maybe it is no-pot?
What kind of cheese is the dry one?
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Baked beans are common to cowboys and Boston..

Soaked them beans overnight in kombu. Cooked up some onions and bacon end cubes I couldn't slice. Smoked sausage on the same grill, bbq sauce, a little bit of my tomato sauce, chicken stock, brown sugar ( prefer molasses but i'm not going shopping for that) , and some of my bbq rub. Smoked with pecan and some cheaper briquettes

Sometimes foil covered, sometimes open to get smoky. Sometimes indirect, sometimes direct. Cooking on live fire all comes down to experience and adaptability


20201116_114409.jpg 20201116_124324.jpg 20201116_134038.jpg

This is what we call one pot @butzy :D not 0 not 2 not 3
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I'm coming up on fridge cleanout time to have space for the big event next week. And then I'll be loaded up with all the leftovers. Will be a struggle for the next two weeks to have a good entry, at least for me. I've got some ham, maybe a fried rice will be in the clean out.
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Casseroles are one pot dishes. So is stuffing. Lots of thanksgiving dishes could qualify
It's a definite possibility that a bunch of entries will show up here in about a week and a half. I may post one involving fowl and enameled cast iron myself. At the moment I have something going on involving beef bones and onions, should post the results in the next day or so.

I've seen some pretty tasty stuff in this challenge, and we still have half the month to go.

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