Novelty or Timely critique?

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Have you seen the Instagram Account @DuttyBeanz

There's a few like this at the moment, accounts that seem to mimic and mock the 'foodie' generation's tendency for self-determination via social media food posts.

This one however seems the most brutal, and I kinda think necessary. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts specifically, or more generally about what this kind of Instagram account is doing for food.
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I have nothing to do with Instagram and can't find anything related to that account other than some pictures. So I can't comment.

Perhaps if you posted a link or some quotes?
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@duttyBeanz just looks like a rip off of @chefjacqueslamerde (who is actually a woman despite her Instagram alter ego) who, IMO, won't be topped in the satirical exploration of hipster bro chef culture. Her Instragram is hilarious.

I just look at it as straight satire and like I said, find it pretty effective. I don't think there is anything bad about it, and if it causes some chefs to self reflect a bit, that's not a bad thing.

I particularly loved her bagel bites with cheeto dust and carrot/ranch puree (or something like that). Sublime, lol.

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