Notes on 19th Century Istanbul-Ice

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All of the excerpts below tell his own times, from the eyes of an old baker named, Hagop Mintzuri. I recommend you to read throughly the book of this Ottoman, who aspired to be a writer and wrote his own book one day. It lays before our eyes the late Ottoman Empire downtown culture, commons perception, and the streets; you almost feel as if you get in the scene there...

Source :
Istanbul Memories (1897-1940)
Hagop Mintzuri
History Foundation of Turkey - Yurt Publications

" ... In summers, they were keeping snow in the basement. They were getting brought this snow from the mountains in the vicinity, and to avoid thaw, mulching with wood chop, straw, and crumbles. There was no ice then in those years. They were making strawberry, cherry, lemon, grape syrups, bringing upstairs to the marble table, and selling them for ten paras a glass. They had a thin and tall jug, with a wide belly, made of bright yellow brass. It was dazzling with its shiny, yellow, long chains, and beak-like opening. Esref was taking this on his back and passing through the shops, yelling "Iiice!..."
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